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Wooden miniature

Miniatures and gift items made of wood.

Wooden miniatures are refined to the finest detail - it is almost a "watchmaker" job.

For example a wonderful golden slippers protects against external influences pyramid of glass, which at that scale corresponds to the layout of Cheops pyramid. The bottom base is made of walnut wood veneered Palisander Cocobolo and Makassar Ebony.

On each of the four corners of the lower base is small flower which is made of Birch slice and Ebony centre. The front side and the back side is decorated by miniature intarsia with Art Nouveau motif of carafe with flowers - this intarsia is made of Walnut wood, Wavon, Birch wood and Indian apple tree.

The second pedestal is made of Plum wood. There is an Ebony, Palisander and Wavon intarsia on the surface. Gold shoes are carved from Linden. Wood sole is red. Surface of shoes is gilded of gold leaf. Cute bow detail is on the tip of shoes, which is fixed with pearl on string.

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