Adam Střelec

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Wooden jewellery

Earrings and pendants made of exotic wood with a high gloss.

I use only natural wood with a natural texture. Jewellery are not coloured, the beauty of wood could exel.

Ebony block with a silver stripe
This elegant piece of jewel is made of ebony wood that comes from Africa. This wood is very hard and tenacious. It is also very rare as many exotic wood.

Trapezoid made by Ebony with Paua pearl
Ebony trapezoid is unique jewel. Paua pearl catch attention of their glitter and beauty.

Australian eucalypt
Beautiful artwork eucalyptus attract anyone who likes variety of materials. Wood is carefully mined from Australia and recorded every piece.

Rosewood is remarkable for unusual colouring. Rosenwood is also called the pink ivory, thanks to its unique hardness.

Stabilized Black Maple
Pyramids of this Maple have special rootlet structure which guarantee unique look and experience of view.

Palisander Cocobolo drops
Palisander Cocobolo is remarkable for its structure and wonderful sweet fragrance. This woody plant is very tenacious and valuable.

Palm rings
Palm has an unmistakable red structure around the pores - pores in the shape of miniature moon. Unique structure of Palm resemble a black jaguar fur.

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