Adam Střelec

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Rarity of woody plants

In my work I use exotic and rare woody plants from all over the world.

I can also offer the selling of selected woody plants. Let´s contact me. I can offer part of my inventory. Due to limited availability I have only a few pieces.

Solid wood: Palisander Bocote, Gaboon Ebony, Red Palm Tree, Palisander Violeta, Mahogany, Bubinga.

Veneer: Palisander Santos, Palisander Cocobolo, Wavon, Makassar Ebony, Myrtle, Maple Ring, Gaboon Ebony, American Walnut tree.

Gaboon Ebony Ebony Makassar Indian apple tree Maple Ring Myrtle Olive American Walnut tree Palisander Bocote Palisander Cocobolo Palisander Santos Palisander Violeta (Kingwood) Red Palm Tree Wavon

I use a lot of woody plants and I can provide them:

Indian apple tree, Ice Birch, Amaranth, Black Walnut, Bocote, Desert Ironwood, African Ebony (Diosporys crassiflora), African Palisander, Roughbark Lignum-vitae, Ovangkol (Amazakoué), Palisander Bahia, Palisander Honduras, Caucasian Walnut, Pau Rosa, Marblewood, Snakewood, Wenge, Zebrawood, Ziricote…