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Elrond´s throne

Elrond's throne can be seen in a secret meeting in Rivendell, where he founded Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part One).

This throne is created in three sizes: small decorative model, then the larger version and eventually a life-size version that is fully functional (you can sit in this throne).

It is a very precise work carried out using a handheld jigsaw and a set of small files.

» small throne - Maple wood, beam made by Plum tree, pedestal made by Oak tree, upholstery with red suede
» middle throne - Pine wood with Mahogany veneer, beam made by Ash tree, pedestal made by Plum tree, upholstery with gold brocade
» large throne - Walnut wood finished with dark brown stain, beam made by solid Pulm tree, upholstery with leather

Surface finish: two-component polyurethane varnish resistant to impact, chemicals and abrasion

» size of small throne – 200 mm
» size of middle throne – 500 mm
» size of large throne – 1880 mm

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