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Baroque table

Baroque table is finely processed exceptional masterpiece of furniture.

Table is made of twelve different woody plants: Caucasian Walnut (structure of the table), African Wavon, Makassar Ebony, Indian apple tree, Maple Ring, Ice Birch, Red Palm, American Walnut tree, Palisander Santos, Palisander Cocobolo, Mahogany, Cherry wood (top veneer and ribs).

The table is resistant of products with alcohol components and other chemicals. It is also resistant to abrasion, but like any gloss are sensitive to scratches (but much more durable than shellac).

Surface finish of the table is made of four basic layers of polyurethane varnish. Between each layer is the final grinding with sandpaper (grain size 320). The last fourth base layer is the final grinding with sandpaper (grain size 800). Surface finish with high gloss which is grinding by abrasive disc (grain size 800 and after that 1200). The last surface finish is grinding by grain size 800, 1200, 1500. Subsequently was realized polishing by abrasive paste (grain size 2500 and 5000). For polishing with abrasive polishing pastes were used woollen fleece of a sheep.

Material: twelve different woody plants (see above)

Surface finish: polyurethane varnish, grinding, high gloss

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